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with Susan Kapatoes, M.H.A. 
Speaker, Educator, Author

Susan Kapatoes, M.H.A. 
Speaker, Educator, Author
Email: susan@inspireyourjourney.com



Are you searching for more happiness, inner calmness, and balance in your life? As a speaker, educator, and author of a self-help book, Susan shares empowerment techniques that will help you navigate the avenues of life with greater ease while expanding your mind to higher levels of awareness.   

Obstacles can be viewed as opportunities when we use them as stepping stones towards our progress and evolvement. The more we can effectively deal with adversity, the more control we can exercise in our daily lives.   

May you experience the gift of inner tranquility as you travel the road to personal enlightenment. Remember to enjoy your journey. 

"In a moment of realization I suddenly knew that I was the only person hearing this celestial gathering of singers. For some reason the others could not hear this amazing concert. With this understanding, I noticed the atmosphere began to feel very surreal. As I stood there listening to the heavenly sounds swirling about me, I was overcome with immense gratitude as I recognized that this was a gift from the divine."   
- Susan Kapatoes, A Spiritual Journey